XRS - Extensible Radio Specification XRS Technology: Interfacing radio with computers.


The Bookmarks plug-in is the first of a series of Internet-related XRS plug-ins, making it possible to conveniently access reference Web sites from within the WiNRADiO application. This is useful for a quick access to important WiNRADiO pages, such as the software download page or XRS pages, as well as other important reference sites on the Internet.

The plug-in assumes always uses your default browser.

The Bookmarks plug-in makes it possible to construct a tree structure similar to the bookmarks in the Microsoft Explorer or Netscape. You can also insert a plain text with comments instead of a valid URL to make the tree easier to navigate, however clicking on such comment will not enter any Web site.

The plug-in can be made to stay always on top by using a function under Options.

Double-clicking on a bookmark causes the browser to go to the specifed URL. Right-clicking on a bookmark shows an editing menu which makes it possible to delete or edit a bookmark, or to create a child bookmark. All these functions are duplicated by five speed buttons located under the menu bar.