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FM Noise Floor Calibrator

FM Noise Floor Calibrator

The FM Noise Floor Calibrator plug-in calibrates the noise floor level of the signal strength indicator in FM-N mode for WiNRADiO WR-1550, WR-3150, WR-3500 and WR-3700 receivers (it is not necessary for G3 series receivers which already feature much superior, instrument-like calibration).

The Calibrator automatically generates optimum noise floor offsets for three frequency bands (less than 400 MHz, 400 to 1114 MHz, and greater than 1114 MHz), which can be also manually adjusted (this is not normally necessary).

This results in improved sensitivity and dynamic range of the signal level indicator in FM-N mode, and also improves the Spectrum Scope performance (for RBW = 17 kHz).

Please note that upon pressing Start Calibration, the WiNRADiO application will be closed and then restarted automatically for the second phase of the calibration process.

Finally, when the process is completed, the WiNRADiO application will restart again, for the new calibration constants to take effect.

Note that this plug-in requires the latest versions of WiNRADiO application software (version 3.30 for WR-1550 series and version 2.32 for WR-3150, WR-3500 and WR-3700).