XRS - Extensible Radio Specification XRS Technology: Interfacing radio with computers.
XRS Plug-in Installation

Software requirements

The latest release of XRS-capable receiver control software. WiNRADiO latest application software can be downloaded here.

Hardware requirements

An XRS-capable receiver, such as WiNRADiO receiver models 1000/1500/3000, G3x3 and G3x5. PC requirements vary depending on the type of XRS plug-in useed.

Installing XRS Plug-ins

  Download the plug-in to a temporary folder.

  If your receiver software is running, shut it down.

  Unzip the plug-in and run the EXE file. This will install the plug-in into the plug-in folder.

Using XRS Plug-ins

  Run your receiver software.

  If this is your first XRS installation, a new "Plug-ins" menu will appear in the top bar menu of the receiver panel.

  Click on "Plug-ins" in the top bar menu and select a particular XRS plug-in from the drop-down menu. You can run more than one plug-in at the same time. In fact, the XRS plug-ins can even talk to each other!


Problem 1: The downloaded file cannot be unzipped. Instead, messages such as "Corrupt ZIP file" or "Unknown format" are displayed.

Solution: The downloaded file was probably cut short due to a server time-out because of Internet traffic congestion. Try to download the file again. Compare the length of the file which is on the server to that actually received. If the problem persists, you might wish to use a mirror server.(See the mirror servers at the top of the page.)

Problem 2: The files have been downloaded OK, but the software does not recognize the plug-ins.

Solution: After downloading the plug-ins, you need to unzip them. Most downloaded ZIP files will contain only one EXE file. Run this EXE file, and the plug-in will be automatically installed into the correct folder (for WiNRADiO products, this will be C:/Program Files/WiNRADiO/Plugins). ZIP files which do not contain installation EXE files may contain ".XRS" files directly. In such cases, simply copy the entire contents of the ZIP file to the Plugins folder.

Problem 3: The downloaded files have been successfully installed into the Plugins directory, but the receiver software still does not recognize them. Messages such as "Missing variable" may occur.

Solution: You need to download the newest XRS-compliant software for your receiver. WiNRADiO application software can be downloaded from the WiNRADiO Download Site.

Problem 4: I have followed all the above instructions, I have downloaded the latest WiNRADiO application software, but I am still getting "variable not found" error message when attempting to install or run a plug-in.

Solution: The XRS plug-ins use the environment variable XRS_plugin_path, which points to the folder where XRS plug-ins are installed. In Windows 98 this variable is set in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file located in the root directory of your hard disk. This file is modified automatically by WiNRADiO application installation. However, it could be that some other applications modified the file subsequently. Please check if the following line exists in your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT file, and if it is executed:


If this line is missing in the file, or is not executed because of a preceding branch statement in the file, please include it at the start of the file. You will then need to restart your computer for this new setting to become operative.

In Windows NT/2000/XP or Vista, the XRS_plugin_path environmental variable is defined directly and can be set via control panel.

The easiest way to correctly set this enviromental variable for 1000/1500 and 3000 series of WiNRADiO receivers is by using the WiNRADiO Diagnostic Tool, which includes a special command to do this. For the WiNRADiO G3 Series receivers, a special G3 Series Diagnostic Tool is available.